Break-Out what…Guru?!?!

Old habits define your life… day after day!

Habits give your life stability but sometimes also… BOREDOM and an UNHEALTHY LIVE-STYLE!
BREAK-OUTs can help. Break-Out.Guru is here to assist you to break old habits!

To change habits, it could sometimes be best to delegate your “decision-making competence”!

Why? Because there are situations when you are either too weak to decide against old habits or because you always stick to old habits due to a lack of joices!

In these cases you can take advantage by delegating your decision-making competence to CHANCE /RANDOMNESS!

BREAK-OUT.GURU can help you here!

A “BREAK-OUT” has always the same structure.
It starts with a QUESTION and offers 3 DIFFERENT ANSWERS.

But instead of picking the answers yourself it will be done by random.
You kind of throw the dice to choose what you are doing next!
And you made a contract with yourself to strictly follow the randomly choosen answer… no matter what!!!

But better than reading the instructions is… playing the game! Enjoy!

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